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Workshops & Classes

Sable offers a variety of workshops and classes online and she travels to teach.  Check out her Eventbrite profile for a schedule of upcoming classes.  To book Sable for your area, send her an email via the Contact page.

Star Sapphire Witchcraft

Sable and her life-partners and Priests also lead a small teaching coven focused in the Star Sapphire tradition.  There are no fees save fair exchange.  For more information, contact them directly.

The Witch's Eight Paths of Power

Witchcraft recognizes 8 Paths of Power, or 8 ways in which magick is created.  For more information, check out "The Witch's Eight Paths of Power" page.


 Videos: "The Witch's Eight Paths of Power"

 Sable will be offering both an online and in-person course (Vernon, BC) in the Eight Paths starting November 2014.



 Sable Aradia offers a video-supported online course in The Witch's Eight Paths of Power, as detailed in her book.  Email and account required; please register for Spreecast and send your email address to Sable upon reception of your payment.  A copy of the book is recommended. Material will be sent weekly via email and an invitation will be sent to your Spreecast account to join in the weekly video classroom.  Participation in the class is via chatroom at Spreecast where participants will be able to ask direct questions, watch videos, and more.  Cost is $10 per class or $250 for the whole course in advance (5 free classes!)


 In-person classes based on the Witch's Eight Paths of Power, Sable's book.  This will be a course in the Eightfold Way of Wiccan magick: Intent, Trance, the Craft, Intoxicants, Dance & Sacred Movement, Blood & Breath Control, the Scourge, and the Great Rite.  A copy of the book is required.  Classes will run biweekly on Saturday evenings and cost $20 per class.  Registration is required; contact Sable by email via her website.


Sit for a Spell

Sable offers online instructional videos in her series, "Sit for a Spell," in which she demonstrates one simple spell for the audience.  This series is offered for free on her YouTube channel.

Practical Magick

 Videos: "Practical Magick Series"

Sable instructs a wide variety of 2 hour workshops in simple magickal techniques.  These range from a study of the chakras, to Tarot reading, to candle and colour magick, to a study of the planets and their use in magick, to making poppets, and more!  Sable used to offer these workshops biweekly at The Threads That Bind Us, but now they are only available through special booking.  Videos of her previous classes are also available.  Cost is dependent on number of students and distance travelled.

Workshop, Class and Speaking Schedule

See the event calender in the sidebar for Sable's schedule of events.


Contact Sable at the Contact Me page to book her for YOUR event!

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