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"The Witch's Eight Paths of Power" (Weiser Books) was published September 2014 and is available in digital or trade paperback formats at:


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According to Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows, there are eight methods to practice magick.  They are:

* Meditation or Concentration.  Called for short, "Intent."

* Trance; projection of the Astral.

* Rites, Chants, Spells, Runes, Charms, etc. "The Craft"

* Incense, Drugs, Wine, etc. "Intoxicants".

* The Dance, and kindred practices.

* Blood Control (the Cords), Breath Control, and kindred practices.

* The Scourge.

* The Great Rite. 

Rather than describe spell recipes, or even how to practice the Sabbats, Sable details how to utilize each of the Eight Paths as a technique to make your magick and practice more effective.  Each chapter details one of the paths and breaks it down into a complete, workable practice.

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The Wyrd West Chronicles are a fantasy-western "Weird West" serial published bimonthly on Kindle, with a print collection to be published once a year.  The first novelette, Showdown, was released in March 2017.  The second, Vice & Virtue, was released in May 2017.

The Toy Soldier Saga is set in the Spelljammer® fantasy universe owned by Wizards of the Coast. Because it is a fan-fiction series, it is being published at Scribd for your free reading enjoyment.  This is a work in progress and is not yet completed.

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Synopsis of Book One "A Few Good Elves" - Four hundred years ago, the spaceways were shaken by the First Unhuman War, as elves and orcs pitted their best spacefaring skills against one another. The orcs were at last defeated and imprisoned. Now war has broken out again, and young elven pilot Shaundar Sunfall is ready to answer the call and face his people's ancient enemies; but he learns that war is no great adventure. (COMPLETED)

Sable is in the process of uploading an audiobook version of this novel to YouTube.  You can get it for a minimal price at Sable's Bandcamp music site, or check it out on her channel, the Toy Soldier Saga website, or at the "A Few Good Elves" Audiobook Playlist.

Synopsis of Book Two "Brothers in Arms" - After elven pilot Shaundar Sunfall's ship is destroyed and he is imprisoned and tortured, bent on revenge he joins a secret program to infiltrate these new, highly advanced orcs called the "scro," and learns that perhaps they are not so different after all. This knowledge forces him to tread carefully between conflicting loyalties in order to avoid betraying any of them. (IN PROGRESS)



Synopsis of Book Three "Sable's Privateers" - In the aftermath of the Second Unhuman War, still reeling from the destruction of his planet and his betrayal by the Imperial Elven Navy, elven marine "toy soldier" Shaundar Sunfall dodges Naval prosecution and joins up with his sister to become a privateer.  Can this ragtag band of misfits teach him how to trust again? (IN PROGRESS)



Columns & Articles


Seekers and Guides - is a regular column published every second Monday as part of the Agora blog on the Pagan channel of Patheos, a respected interfaith website.  Sable writes about Craft education, from both a teacher and a student's perspectives. *Update: this column has moved to Sable's new Patheos blog.

Between the Shadows: the Craft of a Liminal Witch - is Sable's blog at the Patheos Pagan channel.  Sable writes about being a traditional witch and a Wiccan, about Pagan social issues, about magick, relationship with deity, and politics.  Two columns within the blog are "Seekers and Guides" and "Quantum Woo," published on alternate Mondays.

49 Degrees: Canadian Pagan Perspectives - is a regular blog at Witches and Pagans Magazine.  Sable writes about the unique experience of being a Pagan in Canada, from how Canadian Witches celebrate Sabbats to trends and events, to unique challenges in Canadian Paganism.

"Holy Smoke: Tobacco as a Entheogen."  Smoking Jacket Magazine, June 22, 2014.

"Smokes for the Boys: A History of Smoking and the Military."  Smoking Jacket Magazine, November 11, 2014.

"The Devil Never Did Me No Harm."  Humanistic Paganism, January 8, 2015.


"When the Master is Ready, the Student Will Appear." Circle Magazine: Issue #115 (Yule 2013) Volume 35, Number 4 "Family & Tradition", p. 18-19.

"The Five Tibetans."  Circle Magazine: Issue #117 (Litha 2014) Volume 36, Number 2 "Healing & Wellness", p. 26-27.

"The Charge of the Goddess: A Wiccan Manifesto."  Witches & Pagans Magazine Issue #29 (Winter 2014), p. 20-23. 

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