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Sit for a Spell Episode 11: A Potion to Banish Illness Add Video

Instructional videos with Lady Sable Aradia of the Star Sapphire Wiccan tradition showing how to do some simple spellwork. This series will be produced approximately biweekly.

Episode 11: "A Potion to Banish Illness" - Sable instructs in the basic art of potion-making and explains ways to keep illness away through magick, herbalism and aromatherapy. She also explains her long absence and shares some good news!

Copyright (c) 2012. All rights reserved.

Theme song "Circle Song" by Wendy Rule from CD "The Wolf Sky"; unrestricted license granted to Pagan podcasters and vloggers, particularly members of the Proud Pagan Podcasters (which I am a member of). Details at this page: http://paganpodcasting.org/resources/music-we-can-air/.

Otherwise I am the creator of this video and I own exclusive rights to all content.

Posted by SableAradia on January 8, 2013 at 12:55 PM 2512 Views

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